Allergy Season

Allergy season is upon us and this year seems worse than many. With the blooming and re-blooming of the worst offenders, like Juniper, many of us wonder if this is ever going to end. The remedies for our allergy symptoms are various and confusing and honestly, there is no right answer. Most over the counter pharmaceuticals seem to be designed to mask and suppress the symptoms so that we can function. Many of the natural and herbal remedies seem to be targeting the underlying causes our allergies by desensitizing our systems.

Whether you choose the quick fix of the former or the potential long-term salvation of the latter there are a few important things to remember. No matter what we all need to hydrate to support our immune systems and have the moisture our bodies need to wash out allergens. We need to be vigilant so these chronic allergies don’t turn into something more serious. Many of our patients come in to see us after several days of feeling congested wanting to make sure that they do not have a serious upper respiratory infection. This is exactly what we are here for; as a safety net for you and your families.

Come establish care as a new patient at Eldorado Family Health. Come meet us and let us get to know you and your health history so we can be your safety net when you need us. 505-216-7772.

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