Eldorado Family Health Newsletter

Screens. They’re everywhere. In our cars, on refrigerators, even on water bottles. Advancements in technology have contributed greatly to our lives. But screens are not always so great for our kids. By many estimates, the average teen spends 8-9 hours daily on some sort of screen (phone, gaming, computer). Eight to nine hours! What’s not happening during that time? Physical activity, homework, off-screen reading, talking to family and friends in person. The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recommends zero screen time for infants and toddlers up to eighteen months old. For older toddlers, no more than one hour a day of high quality programming is recommended along with parent co-viewing. For older children and teens, the AAP strongly encourages setting limits on total daily screen time that allow for at least one hour per day of physical activity, eight to nine hours of sleep and adequate off-media relaxation. At Eldorado Family Health we’re available to discuss any screen use concerns you may have for yourself or your family. Call us today at 505-216-7772. Same day and next day appointments available.

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