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There are many ways to support your child’s healthy development. One of the most simple is: play. The multiple values of children’s play are being strongly advocated for by the American Academy of Pediatrics. From 1981 to 1997, according to the AAP, children’s playtime decreased by 25% and 30% of Kindergarten children no longer have recess. On Healthy Children.org, the AAPs parent education website, a national survey of almost 9000 preschool children and their parents was sited to have found that only 51% of children went outside to play once a day.

From infancy, babies begin to “play” and interact in simple yet obvious ways: smiling, laughing, cooing, imitating sounds. The value of these seemingly basic interactions has been shown to be essential for healthy development. As your baby grows to toddlerhood and preschool age, simple games such as duck, duck, goose, hide and seek, and tag help to develop social skills and co-operative interaction. Additionally, the value of play has been shown to be highly beneficial for adults, decreasing stress, lowering blood pressure and improving overall happiness. So the next time your child complains she has nothing to do, tap her shoulder and say, “Tag, you’re it!”

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