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More and more these days it seems that we rely on technology to keep us educated and informed about the world.  Our lives are chaotic, busy, and stressful so having information at our fingertips seems essential to help manage our lives.  This phenomenon is very apparent in the world of health care.  We all seek up to date medical information that helps us feel safe and having quick answers to our questions and problems is something the internet seems perfect for.

Here at Eldorado Family Health we appreciate it when patients are involved in their own health care.  In fact, we tell every patient that our relationship with them is a partnership.  Our role is to provide evidenced based, accurate, experienced health information and treatment while making sure we meet our patients’ needs that match a plan of care to our individual patients’ philosophies.  We encourage all of you to be careful about medical information you find on the internet. Always consult with your Primary Care Provider if you are unsure about a medical condition you might be facing.  We are here to answer your medical questions and concerns. Our goal at Eldorado Family Health is to keep your family healthy and out of the urgent care or hospital by identifying minor medical problems before they become major issues in your lives.

Call us for an appointment at 505-216-7772. Have a Fun, Happy, and Healthy Halloween.

Warren Goldenberg, Medical Director

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