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In his landmark book, Childhood and Society, Erik Erikson outlines the “eight stages of man”: developmental phases for every period of life that are named for the core challenge facing that period.  “Trust versus mistrust”, “autonomy versus shame and doubt”, “intimacy versus isolation”, are a few of the early life phases. The post mid-life phase of “generativity versus stagnation” is fascinating. Generativity is creativity or productivity: an important notion for life in general. At almost every age, we need a sense of accomplishment in order to find meaning in our lives. A sense of purpose or achievement provides well-being and emotional stability. The image of the long-awaited retirement turning sour comes to mind whenever I think about this phase. How many of us know family or friends who counted the days until retirement only to fall into idleness once their “golden years” had officially begun.  The importance of maintaining a generative and creative life, no matter what our age, cannot be underestimated. Stories abound of famous writers, artists, painters who did not begin their craft until mid-life or older. Certainly, it is often only after family raising and career demands have resolved that many of us have the time and energy to pursue creative endeavors. But there are small ways to be creative every day. Cooking with your children beside you in the kitchen, writing in a journal, taking a continuing education class, are all ways to juice up the generativity in our lives.

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