Us humans often take many things for granted.  The sun will rise and set every day.  My car will start every morning.  It’s going to rain every afternoon in the summer.  My body will take care of itself.  We do this so that we don’t stress out about every little detail in our lives.  However, when it comes to our health there some items that we need to be more conscious about.  Hydration is a perfect example.

Not only are our bodies mostly made of water but our bodies use water for many routine functions that we often take fore granted.  Not the least of which is maintaining our fluid volume and blood pressure so that our brains and other organs get the oxygen and nutrients they need. Our bodies use water to cleanse and purify our systems of toxins.  Water helps to lubricate and replenish the fluids in our joints and muscles.  Our immune systems uses water to help fight off disease and allergens.

I can’t tell you how many times I have began a conversation with patient about a certain ailment or disease that ends up focusing on some of the basics like poor hydration.  Patients often ask how much water should I drink?  The internet is full of recommendations and products you can buy to help hydrate and measure hydration.  A good basic rule of thumb is to work towards 8 full  glasses of water of day for starters.  Then add from there.  If you drink anything that is dehydrating then have a glass of water with it:  cup of coffee, glass of water, glass of wine glass of water, soda glass of water. Of course in our very dry climate you need to add hydration for activities as well:  hiking, biking, Indian market shopping, drink water.

Here at Eldorado Family Health we like to promote a holistic point of view which is really all about basic health care maintenance that you the patient can do for yourselves.  Hydration is just one aspect of this equation.  Call today for an appointment and lets have a discussion about how you can lead a more holistic and healthy lifestyle.  505 217 7772

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