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Medical Visit

Yesterday, Destiny had the best medical experience of her life and we wanted to tell you about it.

She woke with a fever and some pain and couldn’t get in right away to see her regular doctor. She also didn’t want to suffer an urgent care. So she called Eldorado Family Health. The receptionist was sympathetic and got her in to see the practitioner within an hour. She arrived expecting to spend fifteen minutes filling out forms and then waiting an indeterminate amount of time to actually be seen. Instead, the receptionist had all the required forms on an ipad. The process took about three minutes to complete. Then, instead of waiting and waiting and waiting, a nurse came to get her after just a couple of minutes. Conversation was friendly and easy.

The practitioner, Warren Goldenberg, came into the exam room less than a minute after she did. He was thorough, invested, and caring. When the diagnosis was made, Warren used another ipad to send her prescription to Del Norte Pharmacy. She thanked him, walked across the sidewalk, and had her prescription filled in less than five minutes.

Truly remarkable. It’s always been difficult for us to switch practitioners, but this experience made us instant converts.

If you haven’t been inside the beautifully appointed facility or met the people who work there, consider it. Instead of a hassle, this experience was a relief. They even have their own blood lab. We knew we liked the folks in charge, but we had no idea how well they’re keeping promises about a better kind of healthcare.

See you soon and all the best,

Destiny and Steve

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