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It’s Fall in New Mexico and everything is golden. The aspens, chamisa and wild daisies are everywhere. The golden glow during this time of the year is what many of us love. It can turn a hike into a stunning visual experience. But along with all this gold comes something else: pollen. For many of us, the fall is a time of high allergy reaction (hay fever). Pollen counts in our part of the state generally run moderate to high throughout most of the autumn. Ragweed, chenopods and sagebrush are listed currently as the top three culprits. Dry weather only adds to the problem. Common allergy symptoms include: runny, itchy nose, itchy eyes, sinus pressure, scratchy throat, recurrent dry cough. Simple home management of allergy symptoms is available. Moisture in general will help. Run a humidifier, take a long shower, moisturize your nose and eyes. When doing yard work try to protect your nose and eyes and be sure to wash your hands well after coming back inside. There are numerous over-the-counter and prescription medicines that can help with short-term and longer-term allergy relief. At Eldorado Family Health we’re also available to help. Call us for a same day or next day appointment: 505-216-7772.
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