About Us

Eldorado family Health is a Nurse Practitioner Health Office

The team at Eldorado Family Health looks forward to meeting you and encourages you to ask questions. The following are important topics that we have encountered.

What is a Nurse Practitioner?

The American Association of Nurse Practitioners describes nurse practitioners (NPs) as licensed, autonomous clinicians focused on managing people’s health conditions and preventing diseases. As advanced practice registered nurses (APRNs), NPs often specialize by patient population and Eldorado Family Health offers services by NPs who specialize in Family Practice, Pediatrics, and Mental Health.

All NPs are governed by the APRN consensus model which is a set of regulations that outline the preparation, accredited, education, licensure, and certification required prior to becoming an independent practitioner.

What Does a Nurse Practitioner Do?

The scope of practice for an NP includes the ability to provide primary, acute, and specialty health services to diverse populations.

The assessment of a patient includes the process of:

  • gathering a medical history
  • performing a physical evaluation
  • ordering or performing diagnostic tests
  • reviewing the individual needs of the patient and their family.

Based on the assessment the NP can:

  • diagnose
  • develop a treatment plan
  • write a prescription
  • follow-up on the course of the treatment
  • refer and collaborate with other healthcare professionals.