Skin: Sun protection: Common skin diseases: Sign/Symptoms/Treatment

 Do you know what your bodies largest organ is?  It helps regulate body temperature and hydration status. This organ regenerates itself constantly and it is covered with millions of bacteria that help our immune system. Any guesses? Unlike most of your other organs you see it every day, touch it every day, and cover it up (well mostly) with all kinds of materials and products. Of course, you know I am talking about your skin.

I am often surprised that many patients do not seriously consider their skin as an organ that has very important functions and that must be cared for. Not only does the skin have a role to play in your daily health but it can also reveal changes in your health status and signal that something is wrong. Rashes and skin growths can often be indications of allergic reactions to chemicals, infection, autoimmune diseases, or signs of cancer. Skin manifestations can just as often be simple localized reactions to things that are easy to identify and treat such as insect bites or sun exposure.

In any of these cases it is very important that you take time to care for your skin which should include a thorough annual or semi-annual examination. As a primary care provider one of my most important roles is to identify indicators of potential problems and address them before they become major health issues. So please consider your skin on a regular basis, perform a self-examination, have your family member or partner examine your skin and come see your friendly local primary care provider to give your skin a thorough check up so that we can keep you healthy and refer you to a dermatologist or other specialist if needed. Please call 505-216-7772 to schedule your new patient intake and annual exam today and let us check out your skin!

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