Yolie Delgado

Billing and Medical Records

Yolie Delgado is a native from California but has lived and worked in New Mexico most of her life.  Yolie has 25 years of experience and has worked with multiple specialties in the healthcare industry through her career.  Yolie’s passion is to ‘help thy neighbor’ and she participates in many different programs which target the underserved communities in NM.

She graduated with a Bachelor of Business in Finance from New Mexico State University and had owned several business prior to joining ElDorado Family Health.  She grew up in the Hatch area and helped her parents run their 300-acre farm where they grew the infamous “Hatch Chile”!

Yolie understands the complexity of health insurance in this day and age and her goal is to help our patients navigate through this complex system in order to receive the best health care while maximizing their insurance benefits.