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We do it every year. We promise ourselves we won’t eat too much. Then comes the turkey, that yummie stuffing, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes and all those wonderful pies! A few drinks and some homemade rolls with butter. Next thing we know, we’ve done it again. Over eaten on Thanksgiving Day. But there are many ways to enjoy our Thanksgiving without overindulging. First off, consider eating your meal earlier in the day, so there’s more time for your body to digest. Then, make a few wise choices about all those calorie laden recipes. Pick one or two of your favorites and go low cal on the rest. Pull the skin off the turkey. Use low fat ingredients whenever possible. Forgo traditional stuffing and consider a side of wild rice. Instead of cheese and crackers before dinner, consider carrot sticks and sliced bell peppers. Maybe skip the fat-rich gravy altogether. Consider your portion size. Do you really need to try everything? If so, take just a little taste of everything. How many times do our eyes seem a whole lot bigger than our stomachs? Then before moving onto dessert, start a new family tradition of taking a good long walk. This gives your body an opportunity to burn off some of that meal. So this year, why not dedicate yourself to enjoying a beautiful holiday meal but perhaps in a slightly healthier way. Happy Thanksgiving from Eldorado Family Health. Call for appointments at 505-216-7772.

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