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It seems completely contrary to our busy, always scheduled, multi-tasking times but lately experts have been promoting the great value of having “nothing to do.” Increasingly, we all seem to be always connected, sharing, posting. Alan Lightman refers to this as “the loss of slowness.” We’ve all heard our children complain, “I’m so bored. I don’t have anything to do.” But more than ever before, the value of having, nothing to do is becoming apparent. Down time for us to catch up with our thoughts and feelings about our lives and relationships. An unplugged, quiet time is when our mind has a chance to rest and to create. Quiet time has also been shown to be healthy for our bodies, lowering blood pressure and decreasing stress. Artists, writers, musicians, and scientists all describe the importance of down time to their creative lives. At Eldorado Family Health, we encourage you and your family to make time for a little nothing. Eldorado Family Health, same day and next day appointments available. Call us at 505-216-7772.
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